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It began in 1987 when two young and insightful sound engineers realized that the quality and reliability of their portable audio systems was 100% dependent on the cable and connectors that held them together. Tired of struggling with unreliable and unmanageable cabling solutions that were often an afterthought, (although they provided the very fibre that wove the system together) the vision of Link was born.

“Can we build a company founded on the passion to design and deliver innovative connectivity solutions specifically targeted to the entertainment marketplace?” 20 years later, it is clear that the answer to this question was a resounding YES!
Where to start? The initial priority was in the connection. How could Link provide a modular connector capable of surviving the harsh elements of concert touring while at the same time maintaining the precision required to transport a multitude of audio signals between high fidelity components that required repeated interconnection night after night? Look to military and avionics industry of course! 

The MIL C 5015 and VG95234 standards already existed and were readily adapted to provide the precision mating required over the duty cycles common to nightly touring. Apply many years of entertainment “know how” and the result is the LK line of connectors that has become world renowned for solving the most complex of connectivity challenges.
Once the connection battle was won, the founders were back to the laboratory to evaluate the opportunities for improving the reliability, flexibility, and handling capabilities of the cables. Historically, operators were accustomed to accepting cables designed for other sectors as the de facto standard for portable audio systems. There had to be a better way! Link’s engineers knew it was critical to preserve the tight electrical tolerances required for transporting audio signals transparently. At the same time, by their own experience, they realized that there was much room for improvement in the how the cables “handled” as well as how they held up to “the road”.   The illusive golden egg was to achieve the perfect balance between durability and flexibility while maintaining the electrical properties. It was a direct result of this research that launched the eurocable brand of professional audio cables for the entertainment market.
With connectors adapted from a military standard, and a new line of cables specifically designed for the needs of the production engineer, Link found itself in a unique position to collaborate with other manufacturers to initiate standards for audio connectivity in Italy, and ultimately across Europe and the United States. Expanding their roots in the entertainment industry, it was also a natural progression for Link to introduce cables and connectors designed to solve the needs of lighting and broadcast professionals.
The past two decades have introduced new protocols and more complexity in how audio, video, and lighting devices communicate. Due to their complete control over the designs of both the cable and connectors, Link is well positioned to transport the mixture of analogue, digital, and power signals now typical of many new systems. Link has designed a number of hybrid cables and connectors for manufacturers and production companies who appreciate the need for simple handling and a high degree of reliability in the field.
Twenty years later, the passion, vision, and focus that founded the company still resonates in the People and Products of Link. The initial concepts and innovative spirit have been applied to introduce cabling and connectivity solutions widely used in Entertainment across the globe.
As for the next twenty years… Link we remain passionate and committed to providing innovative products for entertainment professionals… and have a lot of fun along the way!
Link… People and Products Connecting the World of Entertainment

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Introducing LKS Data
Link is proud to introduce LKS DATA, the next evolution of LK connectors incorporating integral data transport while...
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