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Widget Link, is our distribution product that ensures you to get the most use out of your Cat5 and Cat6 cables by sending multiple lines of DMX, Audio, AES/EBU Digital Audio, and even mixed with Ethernet down a single cable! CLICK HERE for specifications, and contact us for more information today!

PD Link - Hybrid Power & Data Distribution

PDlink is our line of fully customizable power distribution products.  Incorporating LK Hybrid power and data connectors, PDlink can accomodate entire your power and data infrastracture requirements for audio, lighting, motor control, and more.  Call today for a custom quote!


Link Catalogues 2016

Link USA is pleased to announce our updated product catalogues. They can be viewed at the following links:

Link Full Catalogue

Link LK Connectors Catalogue

Link Eurocable Catalogue

Link Distribution Catalogue

Link Expands DGLink Touring Switches

View the DGLink fully redundant Ethernet Switches. CLICK HERE to see a preview of the new DGlink Touring Switches. 

Link Introduces LKG Gigabit Hybrid Connectors

Link recently introduced some new additions to its LKG line of Gigabit Hybrid connectors. The new connectors are designed to provide full a gigabit certifiable connection complementary to Eurocable Hybird cables. CLICK HERE for the specifications, and most of the configurations are availible now!




Featuring PDlink "Smart Power"


PDlink is a family of hybrid power and signal distribution products uniquely designed to meet the evolving needs of audio, video, and lighting production companies.  Leveraging innovative eurocable and LK connector capabilities, PDlink is the first platform to offer a unified cabling approach.  PDlink is available in standard and custom 19" rack mountable configurations.

Below is a "Sneak Peek" of products being featured in our booth

LKO Hybrid Optical Power Connector


Recognized as the Best Debuting Product for Audio at LDI 2016, the new LKO hybrid optical/power connector features a 4 channel expanded beam optical connection and 5 x 8 AWG electrical contacts. The connector is ideal for transporting three phase 32A power and highspeed data when used in conjunction with the tactical optical cable (4 Single mode 9/125 wires, ref. eurocable CVS LK FO4SM 8/5).

Click Here to download the PDlink "Smart Power" Brochure & Data Riser Diagram

LKS Data 19 Pin Power & Data Connector



The LKS DATA connector is the next evolution of LK connectors incorporating integral data transport while maintaining compatibility with all conventional 19 pin power connectors. Link’s innovative coaxial pin design, coupled with our proprietary mounting method, permits the connection of conventional 19 pin 6 circuit power cables into the female panel mount and inline versions of the LKS Data connector. When mated the matching LKS DATA male connector, the connector pair not only transports 6 circuits of power but also carries DMX, Ethernet, or digital audio. The LKS DATA connector also leverages a printed circuit board to provide easy termination of both ground and data contacts. When coupled with the PDLink smart distribution system and our new CAT5SF 12/14 hybrid eurocable, Link provides a complete solution for transporting power and data to lighting and powered speaker systems.


LKG Hybrid Gigabit Ethernet & Power Connector


The LKG Gigabit series is equipped with a CAT6 circular contact specifically designed for Gigabit Ethernet connections.  Tested with the Fluke Cable IQ using 90m eurocable extensions and fan in/out terminations have qualified the connection as CAT6 1000BASE-T
following the EIA/TIA 568B.2 and ISO/IEC 11801 standards.

Click the images below to download more product information from Link:




Complete Catalog


LKR for Rigging


Cat6 + RG6





LKS Data Cutsheet


Unbreakable Fiber



PDlink Cutsheet


Widgetlink Cutsheet


LKG Cutsheet


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