PDlink is the next generation of power and signal distribution designed to deliver a truly unified and modular interconnected system. Leveraging decades of experience, Link combines LK connectors, Eurocable hybrid signal, and power cables to offer a complete line of 19” high density rack mounted units for power, data, audio, speaker, and video distribution.

Constructed from heavy duty, yet lightweight aluminum, the main and branch units support a number of standard configurations suited for amplifier, FOH, and video racks. The Socopex compatible 6 circuit units integrate seamlessly with your existing lighting distribution to easily extend power for peripheral equipment racks. All PDlink breakers are magnetic/hydraulic rated for full load in the harshest of conditions. Panels are clearly labeled and can be custom labeled at a minimal additional cost. Standard PDlink units are designed to seamlessly integrate with the DGlink Ethernet and signal distribution systems and can also be custom designed on request.

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