Power + Data Hybrid Solutions
Link provides power distribution to the AT&T Stadium in Dallas, TX

PDlink Power Distribution
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A Connected and Sustainable Future

Link was founded three decades ago by Italian audio engineers with a vision to provide innovative connectivity solutions for the entertainment and broadcast fields. We understand the challenges of touring and the importance of robust and flexible cabling systems. Our team designs cables, connectors, and circuitry to transport a wide variety of analog, digital, and power signals. Our high-density speaker cables have become an industry standard for clients who appreciate the need for exceptional performance, flexibility and minimal signal loss.


On-location broadcast demands flexibility, reliability, and capability to quickly route multiple audio, video, and control signals across expansive venues with the flick of a switch. Whether it's Formula One, downhill ski championships or stadium concerts, Link's broadcast team brings decades of real-world experience and field-tested cabling solutions to your live event.


The tight integration of audio, video, lighting, and stage automation systems in today’s touring shows presents unique challenges in areas of compatibility, dependability, and portability. While connecting these systems has become more complicated, demands to reduce setup times are increasing. We work with clients to simplify their Power + Data infrastructure.


Whether your project requires simple single and double gang faceplates or a more extensive stage manager station or control panel, our team of engineers collaborates with your designers and consultants to provide optimal solutions for your venue. Multiple connectors, switch, and PCB components are available to ensure flexibility and reliability while expediting the installation.


We are proud to collaborate with the best designers and manufacturers
of professional entertainment equipment in the world. If your clients require a custom tailor-made solution with your brand, talk to our OEM team about how we can design and build a product specifically for your needs. We have decades of experience producing power, data, and speaker distribution systems.



A Wide Range of Products

35 Years of Design + Innovation

Our primary focus at Link is to "connect" the entertainment industry. We anticipated the rise of digital data and fiber optic technology would be transformational to our field, so we began to build solutions for the wiring and connectivity problems that exist within the audio, video, and lighting trades. We take pride in providing exceptional and innovative connectivity solutions for our clients.

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