Snakes & Cables

Link produces a wide range of stage box, snake, and cable assemblies designed for professional touring applications. All solutions are crafted using our own MIL-SPEC LK ConnectorsTM and the ultra-flexible EurocableTM brand of multi-pair audio, speaker, and hybrid Power + Data cables.

SB Gold Stage Box & Splitter
SB Gold48, 56 and 64 channel Stage Boxes have been purposely designed to satisfy the need for distributing signals in large venues. Ideal when used with individually shielded multi-pair Eurocable (e.g. 48, 56 and 64 pairs) on cable reels and with LK audio multi-pin connectors (e.g. 150 and 200 pins). These Stage Boxes, manufactured in 19’’ rack boxes, feature individual Ground Lift switches and are also available with passive splitters. All the connector contacts used in the SB Gold Stage Box (XLR and LK multipin) are gold plated, to guarantee the maximum contact reliability.

AD System Stage Box & Splitter
The modular concept of the AD Distribution system allows the assembly of Stage Boxes tailored to the customers’ exact requirement, providing an open system which is adaptable to future needs. With essential elements such as the 8 channels INPUT and OUTPUT modules, AD Split and ADF multipin modules, a wide range of configurations are obtainable. The internal connections with ribbon connectors and cables ensure maximum flexibility to the system, while the multipin LK connectors offer perfect connection stability for decades.

SB Compact & Modular Stage Boxes
The compact design of the SB range with its raised bottom optimizes cable management by allowing all cables to be dressed beneath it. The SB box includes LK multipin panel connectors for easy disconnection. The SB System supports separate IN & OUT channels (8 to 64) on stage by running only one multi-pair cable on the long distance (Stage to Mix).

The SBF range features SSA cable (individually shielded multi-pair Eurocable) terminated to the XLRs in the box and an XLRs fan out on the other end. The individual pairs are protected by Techflex to maintain ultimate flexibility. Use of colored Techflex allows the easy identification of fan-out channel groups.

The SBS range features SSA cable (individually shielded multi-pair Eurocable), permanently connected to the box with an LK multi-pin connector on the other end.