LK Connectors

Initially introduced for professional audio applications, our range of LK connectors has expanded to include solutions for lighting, hybrid Power + Data, speaker cabling, and video. Based on the MIL-DTL-5015 and VG 95234 standards, LK Connectors adhere to the basic principles of strength and reliability of the specified military components. The restyling and construction of the LK range has been specifically designed to meet the criteria of the Live Entertainment and Broadcast industries. LK configurations and their wiring standards support secure connections for portable equipment in the harshest of conditions.


LK Audio Multipin

LKG Gigabit

LK Speaker

LKG Video & Data Gigabit

LK Multisignal Speaker

LKS Data

LKO Optical

LKS 19 Pin "Socapex"

LK Multi-Coax

LKR Chain Motor

LK Hermaphrodite

Power Link

LK W Style

LK Tools

LKH Head to Ballast