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Monday, April 19, 2021

Link Spotlight: WidgetLink, Multiple Signals Over CAT6

Volume 10

Design a Distribution Architecture Over CAT6
Link offers a line of distribution products, known as Widgets, that enable you to transport multiple signals over a single  CAT6 or CAT7 cable. Signals can include DMX, Analog Audio, Balanced AES3 Digital Audio, and even hybrid combinations for VDrive, RDNet and 10/100 Ethernet. One to four discrete channels of data are transported in a single CAT6 cable. Please note that it is essential to use shielded cable for applications using phantom power, four discrete signals, and hybrid combinations.

Longer Distances Over CAT6 eurocable
Because of its low loss characteristics, CAT6 also increases the maximum length in many applications. For example, balanced AES3 signals have a typical distance limit of 100 meters on standard 110-ohm twisted-pair type cable but can travel up to 300 meters using CAT6, depending on the application. The maximum distance is dictated by the IEEE 802.3u Fast Ethernet standard in a hybrid application. For DMX over CAT6 cable, distances of over 500 meters are achievable.
Widgets Are Available in a Wide Range of Modular PCB Options

Building customized panels is straightforward with Link's wide range of PCB configurations. WidgetLink offers multiple options for 3-pin and 5-pin XLRs.

Standard 19" panels are available to support fast turnaround projects.
DB25 & LK Connector Versions Are Available to Simplify Terminations
WidgetLink supports the TASCAM and Yamaha versions of DB25 to RJ45 adaptors to make interfacing with drive and preamp electronics flexible and simple.

Terminating multi-pin audio connectors in the field or in panels has never been easier. WidgetLink PCBs are available for the LK Connector 13 to 85 pin mil-spec audio connectors.
Combine Hybrid Power + Data Versions to Simplify Field Setup
Link’s eurocable is guaranteed to provide dependable signal integrity using our WidgetLink products, particularly when paired with our CVS LK CAT6 STP cable. Our CVS LK 1CAT6S 12/3 cable pairs a 12 AWG / 3 conductor power line with a shielded CAT6 cable for “driveline” type applications. Link also offers a wide range of LKG hybrid connectors compatible with all eurocable hybrid cable types.

Click the thumbnails below to learn more about Link's line of Widgets:
WidgetLink Brochure
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