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Wednesday, July 14, 2021

A Note From Link's President

A year ago in March, none of us would have believed that our industry would experience the challenges we have endured over the past fifteen months. In a message to all of our friends, I wrote, "Things may be difficult at the moment, but people in our industry make extraordinary things happen. We all know there will be another opening night, there will be an audience, and the show will go on. Please stay connected and let us know how you are doing. We are here to help you personally, your business, and your community."

In the past year, our team has been overwhelmed by the heartfelt conversations and support we have witnessed as our dealers, reps, distributors, and partners have supported each other to survive these unprecedented times in our industry.   

With the help of technology, we have all been invited into each other's homes, met families and pets, and become closer than ever. Sadly, we have also seen people suffer, lost loved ones, and cried together.

Having said that, we have all become more vital, learned to "pivot," and have built and done things we would have never imagined possible!  

It is fantastic to see the world of live events begin to reopen around the globe. I am excited to see how we will apply what we have learned during the past year to this new chapter of our industry. Thank you again for your superb ideas and contributions, as we have all bettered ourselves and our organizations. 

Our team has been very busy lately in Rome and in Middleton. I look forward to sharing some exciting product news and connecting in person again soon!

Best Regards,

Marco Piromalli



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A Note From Link's President

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