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Monday, April 1, 2024

Link Spotlight: LKG Hybrid Series

Volume 8

LKG Hybrid Series
There is no question that connectivity has become more complicated in the audio, video, lighting, and projection space over the past decade.

Designed to address the evolving need to run multiple signals in parallel, the LKG Hybrid range of connectors and cables enables this in a single connection. Link can accomplish this because we control the design and manufacturing of both the cable and connectors.
eurocable and Signal Types
Most of our hybrid cables contain one to six CAT6a signal paths, as many of the devices in our industry can now leverage CAT6a as a transport medium. We discovered that CAT-style cables are exceptionally friendly for carrying Gigabit Ethernet, digital audio, DMX, and HDBaseT for Video through lab and field testing. Analog audio also works well over CAT if proper shielding and termination methods are maintained. In addition to CAT6a, Link offers multiple combinations of shielded pairs, fiber, RG6, and power in our hybrid range of eurocable.
Available Media Types
  • 1-6 CAT6a
  • 4 RG6
  • 2-12 110 ohm Digital Audio Pairs
  • 4-24 strands MM or SM fiber
  • 120 VAC 20A
  • 208 VAC 30A 3 Phase
LKG Cable Combinations
LKG Series of Hybrid Connectors
The LKG series is based on a long lineage of mil-spec LK Connectors introduced to the live event market over three decades ago. The robust 1/4 turn locking and keying mechanism ensures precision alignment of all contacts.
LKG Connector Configurations

To ensure CAT6a integrity, maintaining twist frequency and shielding through the connection is critical. Link leverages a unique microcontact to provide complete shield coverage and twists up to the connection point.
LKG Connector Features
  • Available in eight different configurations in male/female panel and cable versions
  • Eight versions of hybrid cables specifically designed for each LKG connector type 
  • High-quality CAT6 Gigabit circular contacts
  • Easy and error-free mating for fast connections 
  • Rubberized, impact-resistant locking rings
  • Guaranteed for over 2,000 coupling operations
  • IP68 when mated
The LKG 24/2E10 connector is one of Link's most popular and flexible solutions used in podium connections, portable front-of-house, and even powered line array applications. This cable/connector solution contains two CAT6a contacts, six contacts for two 110-ohms shielded pairs, and three #12 contacts for a single 120V 20A circuit. Link's clients have leveraged this connector to transport Ethernet, video, audio, control, DMX, and power.
In summary, LKG connectors and hybrid eurocable were designed to simplify connecting otherwise complex devices. 
To review the complete line of LKG connectors and the corresponding hybrid eurocables, click the image below to download the LKG cut sheet from our website.

To learn more about LKG Hybrid Series or to place an order, please call
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