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Wednesday, July 7, 2021

Link Spotlight: PDlink Motor Control, Next Generation

Volume 11

PDlink Fixed Speed Chain Motor Control
PDlink Chain Motor Control is the culmination of years of real-world development leveraging decades of experience and innovation. Working with our OEM partners, Link combines LK Connectors, eurocable hybrid signal, and power cables to offer a unified line of controllers; whether you need 2 or 128 motors! 
Extended Remote Distances / Advanced Control Features
These units include advanced features, such as sensing and changing the phase order remotely from the pendant by a certified operator with a key switch. Additionally, the control pendant features large, brightly lit up/down toggles, a highly flexible and durable eurocable control extension, and reliable analog controls that operate at distances of 1,500 feet.
Truss Mounted / Extra Power for 8 Two-Ton Motors

In addition to standard offerings, Link collaborated with our OEM partner to develop an 8-way controller intended for large-scale rigging and touring applications. The truss-mountable unit fits into any size truss 12x12” and up and features an LKH 28A-9 multipin enabling 60 amps of total power; more than enough amperage to run 8x 2-ton motors simultaneously!

Standard and Custom Configurations Available
Standard PDlink Chain Motor Controllers units are available in a wide range of physical formats using various power input options such as L21-30, “California Twist” 50 amp, the LKH 28A-9, connector, and Cam-Locks. 

Output options include “dual twist” NEMA connectors, dual pin and sleeve connectors, and the industry-standard P7, P14, and C7 multi pins as part of our LKR series of connectors.

Click the thumbnails below to learn more about PDlink Motor Control:
PDlink Brochure
"Tech Talk with RJ" - PDlink Motor Control
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Speak with one of our technical sales specialists to learn how
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