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Thursday, March 16, 2017

Link introduces the new LKS Data connector

Your 19 pin connector that delivers both Power and Data

The new LKS Data connector introduces the next evolution of LK connectors incorporating integral data transport while maintaining compatibility with all conventional 19 pin power connectors. Link’s innovative coaxial pin design, coupled with our proprietary mounting method, permits the connection of conventional 19 pin, 6 circuit power cables into the female panel mount and inline versions of the LKS Data connector. When mated with the matching LKS Data male connector, the connector pair not only transports 6 circuits of power but also carries DMX, Ethernet, or digital audio. The LKS Data connector also leverages a printed circuit board to provide easy termination of both ground and data contacts.

  • Screw coupling connector
  • Patent pending
  • Proprietary pin block and mounting configuration supports 6 circuits of L/N/G contacts + up to 4 data contacts while maintaining compatibility with conventional SOCA cables
  • Integral PCB for easy ground/data terminations
  • All Conventional LKS options available such as rubber locking rings, different colors, finish types, and IP67 rated
  • PG29, PG36, PG42 and M40 versions
  • Long backshell and integrated locking ring set screw upon request
  • Rubber coated locking rings


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Link introduces the new LKS Data connector

Your 19 pin connector that delivers both Power and Data

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